Wednesday, November 09, 2005

If you want to check out a great gamer community project, head on over to

Built on an empty database that is populated by you, Gamer's Pouch provides a method of cataloging, tracking, and rating games.

My username over there is Palad, if you're interested in checking out my catalogued collection. It's not quite complete, as I have multiple copies of some games, multiple formats of others, and some that are just so obscure that I haven't been able to find reliable publication information on them.

The funny thing for me is that at some point, Gamerspouch became a game in itself. It was fun to add new games to my collection just to see how it stacked up to everybody elses'. It became a meta-game: a game about games. A challenge to get ahead of the other players. A personal affront when Fenriss or Artayd beat me to the punch adding games to the global database. A quest to dig up as much information on my games as I can. My own MMORPG with real-life connections.

And my wife thinks I'm obsessed. pffft.

I just never grew up.


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