Monday, January 30, 2006

To boldly go...

New Start Trek Games Planned.

How can this be a good thing? Hasn't almost every PC game released under the Star Trek license been a steaming pile? What is to convince us that they have learned from the past?

Now, in all fairness, the first Elite Force game was great, and reviews of the second weren't too shabby, either. And honestly, I rather enjoyed Away Team, regardless of the bugs. But overall, I bet poor old Gene rolls over in his grave every time a new game is announced in the franchise. The track record, to put it lightly, has not been stellar (scores are from PC Gamer):

Star Trek: Armada 69%
Star Trek: DS9 The Fallen 72%
Star Trek: Armada 2 69%
Star Trek: Away Team 49%
Star Trek: Bridge Commander 72%

Nothing better than a marginal 'Good' rating, and every one has caveats about extreme tedium, bugs, or both. Gamespot showcases quite a few 'Mediocre', 'Fair', and downright 'Poor' ratings within the franchise, as well. (Klingon Honor Guard, Starfleet Academy, Hidden Evil, Borg, DS9 Harbinger, New Worlds... Need I go on?) It has gotten to the point where it's a running joke in the press there is a curse inherent in the series, brought on by adding the fateful words 'Star Trek' to a title.

Okay, I guess 'steaming pile' may be a bit strong. Perhaps just 'crap' would have been better. But for as complex and potentially immersive a universe as has been created around the Star Trek saga, you would expect something better than the 'blah' that has come before. Here's hoping that the developers of the new games have learned something, and can produce games that can show off more than just a fancy logo and an expensive trademark. Mr. Roddenberry deserves it.


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