Monday, July 03, 2006

Still alive

Yeah, I know, after a couple of months you all probably gave up hope, but I'm back. Between moving and finishing up my spring semester, I haven't had much chance to update things lately. That should all be in the past now -- at least until fall semester starts.

There's a lot of stuff to talk about, too. Like my new office. I now have all 800+ games on display, all within easy reach of my desk. Several years of PC Gamer magazine are archived a few feet away, and I'm getting a nice 5 meg up to the local cable company, for faster internet access than I've ever had.

I have some belated acknowledgements to take care of too, as I've had plenty of new additions to my collection over the last few weeks. And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally have the time to sit down and get a couple of articles pounded out for Vintage COmputing and Gaming.

So, on with the show...


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